14% Protein Hi-Fat Horse Pellet

3/16” Pellet, 14% Protein, 6% Fat, 12% Fiber
Manufacturer: Red Chain Feeds

Contains Diamond V Yeast Culture for increased fiber fermentation and digestion, fortified with vitamins and minerals (including chelates). Features a low grain formula (Reduced Starch) to prevent horses from having gastrointestinal problems associated with high carbohydrate diets. High in fermentable fiber and a high level of fat make up for the calories lost due to the reduction in starch. The pellet is soft, which makes it easier for older horses to eat. Perfect for adding and maintaining finish on a “hard keeper”. Contains Tasco (for greatly increased immunity protection, antioxidant properties, slower metabolism and lower body temperature causing the animal to gain more from the same amount of feed and deal with stress better, microbe population in the cecum is optimized as well as the tissue lining the intestines) and ground yucca which acts as an anti-inflammatory for sore joints.

General feeding rates range from ½% to 1% of body weight depending on body condition. Always feed good quality hay or pasture along with free choice salt and fresh water. Can be fed to all horses of various activity levels, including brood mares, growing horses, foals and stallions.